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"I am a beginner...  I tried a whole bunch of different websites and games but none of them worked...  I was really worried that I was going to fail because I couldn't type properly. But now after two hours I can type properly. I still have to work on the speed but that will be easy because I know how to type and that is all thanks to this program."

We decided to create an audio out of one of the chapters in our eBook. It's free to listen to. It's also essential to your learning experience, especially if you have not learned touch typing before. Enjoy

The "Learn Typing" method


The "Learn Typing" method will help you learn how to type fast and easy.

Many new computer users struggle to learn the letter keys on their keyboard using the slow, two-finger hunt-and-peck method.  This is a discouraging, energy using method.

My new style method was designed to help new computer users to quickly and easily learn to use the letter keys by associating their positions on the keyboard with the frequently used letter groupings in English words.

Your typing will be more accurate if you always strike each key with the finger of the same colour columns as shown on the charts.

Less energy will be used. There is less risk of RSI when more fingers are used.

Your speed will increase this way, especially if you repeat each pattern or word up to ten times.

G    H

You will notice the letter keys are in rows of 10 but we only have four fingers on each hand.  To solve this, each index finger (No. 1 in the image below) is used for two columns of keys in the centre of the keyboard as shown in the colour charts that follow.  In the image below, the left index finger is used for the F and the G.  The right index finger is used for the H and J.


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