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  1. Beginner Typing Lessons
    You will be typing real words and phrases before the end of the first lesson. Start here if you have never learned to touch type before. Touch typing is typing without looking. The beginner typing lessons will teach you how to find the correct keys for each finger and get you on the path to good speed and accuracy as a confident touch typist.
  2. Advanced Typing Lessons
    Start here if you have completed ALL the Beginner Typing Lessons (seriously, you need to do them all). The Advanced Typing Lessons are also a great place to start if you want a refresher course. And if you find yourself struggling here, then, start at the very beginning. It's a very good place to start. Here's an important note... if you focus on accuracy, speed will naturally come. So be patient and persistent as you learn.
  3. Typing Games
    Test your typing skills while playing a game.
  4. Keyboard Shortcuts
    Certain key combinations will get the job done faster and they save you repetitive strain injury also. Discover how to save yourself time as you learn some really cool tricks to help you speed around your documents, and even your applications and the Internet.
  5. Learn Typing Blog
    We'll leave some extra tips and tricks here plus other article son touch typing to motivate and inspire. If you like to leave comments then this is a great place to let us know what you think. Tell us your success story, ask a question, let us know what you've been able to use your new skills for.
  6. Speed Typing Test
    This is for anyone who has got the basics and can type all the letters without looking. Save this for when you've done at least a couple of lessons in Advanced. You will however get most benefit from the speed typing test when you've completed all of the Advanced Typing Lessons.
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