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Keyboard Shortcuts 6



F1  F2  F3  F4  F5  F6  F7  F8  F9  F10  F11  F12

Some of the Function keys at the top of your keyboard are not used a lot
but these are some you might like to use.


Some are used on their own.


Some are used together with an other key or keys.


Here are some you might like to use:


F1                   Help

Ctrl+F2           Print Preview

Alt+F4            Close a programme

F7                   Spell Check

F12                 Save As

Shift+F3         Change case [case = capitals and small letters] on a highlighted word.  Changes case each time used. 


Here are two keyboard functions to use instead of using the mouse


1.  Hold the Alt key while you type the underlined letter of a Menu heading

2.  Type the underlined letter of the word you want in the Menu list


Example 1


Alt+F               to  open the File Menu. 

Type ‘a’          to bring up the (Save As) dialogue box


Example 2


Alt+I                to open the (Insert menu)

Type ‘b’          to open a (Break list)

BUT watch out – sometimes Alt plus the underlined letter is needed in the second box.


ESC Key        Remember – if a dialogue box you don’t want to use suddenly appears on your screen it will usually disappear if you press the ESC key.


ENTER key   This can be used in most cases instead of clicking the mouse on “OK”  or “YES” in dialogue boxes. Or YES, NO, CANCEL boxes.


 I hope you find some of these Keyboard shortcuts will save you some energy instead of reaching for the mouse so often.


They can also be quite useful if your mouse suddenly doesn’t work and you have some typing or editing to do.


Pick out the shortcuts you think will be useful in your typing.




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