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Keyboard Shortcuts 5



When you highlight text – to take off the highlighting you can click an Arrow key NOT any other key!!

If by mistake you DO click another key, your text will disappear. No worry. Use Ctrl+Z to bring it back.

Remember to use your Page Up and Page Down keys instead of mouse scrolling

Remember to use Ctrl+S every now and then to save what you have typed or altered so far

Some of the following actions work without first highlighting so long as the cursor is active somewhere in the line or pragraph. Others need highlighting first.



Ctrl+L = align left

Ctrl+R = align right

Ctrl+E = align centre

Ctrl+1 = single line spacing

Ctrl+2 = double line spacing

Ctrl+5 = 1 ˝ line spacing


Some of these keyboard shortcuts are listed in the Menus along the top of your screen. 


Edit menu

File menu

Function Keys

Ctrl+Z = Undo

Ctrl+Y = Redo

Ctrl+C = Copy

Ctrl+X = Cut

Ctrl+V = Paste

Ctrl+A = Select all

Ctrl+F = Find

Ctrl+N = Open NEW document

Ctrl+O = Open a SAVED document

Ctrl+S = Save your document

(or re-save to include your changes)

Ctrl+P = Open the Print dialogue box

F1 = opens the Help menu

F7 – starts the Spelling check

F5 – brings up the Find/Replace menu


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