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Keyboard Shortcuts 3


Open a New Document, then:

Type some words or phrases using the following Keyboard Shortcuts to emphasise some of your words following the methods given below. You probably know this first one.

For a word or words in all Capitals, push down the Caps Lock Key to turn that ON,

type the word or words; push down the Caps Lock Key again to turn that OFF.

Instead of moving your hand and arm to click the mouse on the toolbar to activate Bold, Italics, Underline try the following method.




Hold Ctrl while you type the B key (to turn ON Bold)

Type the word or words you want to be in Bold

Hold Ctrl while you type the B key (to turn OFF Bold)

Use Ctrl+B for Bold

Ctrl+I for Italics

Ctrl+U for Underline

Ctrl+Shift+D = double underline


These are all Toggle Keys, they must be used again to turn the feature off.

You can use more than one for the same word/s. Use Ctrl+B+U for Bold Underlined.


Try this: CAPS LOCK – BOLD – ITALICS – UNDERLINED – caps lock off


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