Keyboard Shortcuts 1
Have fun and save time with these
Many people still don't know
these keyboard shortcuts...

With these shortcuts you can quickly and easily

  • speed up your typing
  • save energy and effort
  • spend less time scrolling up and down to find things

You will be able to use these hot tips when making Word documents, working with your Email and in other computer programmes. The video below is a fun introduction to some of the main keyboard shortcuts. We have 7 pages of keyboard shortcuts on this Learn Typing website so take some time to check them out and may your life a whole lot easier when using your keyboard

Top 10 Keyboard Shortcuts
Keyboard Shortcuts in this video are for use with Microsoft Word and work on most versions.
7 Top Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcut your way to typing success

Here's some common shortcuts that you can use every day

  • Control + P to open Print controls
  • Control + C to copy highlighted text
  • Control + X to cut highlighted text
  • Control + V to paste highlighted text
  • Control + S to save a document
  • Control + Home to go to the top of a document
  • Control + End to go to the end of a document.

Quick Quiz
Which of the above keyboard shortcuts do you use the most?
Which keyboard shortcuts have you never used?
Which keyboard shorts can cause you the most pain if you don't use it regularly?

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