Bonus Typing Lesson 7

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For a long time people have been asking for more. Here it is. Because of this demand we are now building a whole new section to our website. This will be based on extra speed exercises and more difficult to type character combinations.
More difficult words linking upper and lower row letters.

Thank you once again for purchasing our e-Book.  It has been our pleasure working with you to see you learn how to touch type like a pro. 

When you have finished this bonus lesson this does not mean that your learnin stops.  Please takek away with you the secret many find hard to learn: there is no substitute for practice.  This may mean targeting your weak spots and spending more time on them. 

If you'd like to test all that you've learned you can visit one of our other sites Online Typing Test and put your skills to the test.  This is a great way to test speed and accuruacy and to work on improving these.  

All the best for your typing success

The Learn Typing Team

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