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Beginner Typing - Lesson 4


"Thank you very much for this course... I love it! I am 35 and finally decided to learn typing, as I am tired of having to keep looking at the keyboard (and the screen...) -which translates in tiresome extra minutes every time I have to write an email... I am at Beginner - Lesson 4 at the moment and find your course veeeeeeeeery helpful... I will let you know how I get on at the end of it. Thank you very much indeed. -"

LEFT                      RIGHT 


Left hand Finger 2, drops from D to bottom row C


 ded dcd dedcd decided deck decked check cheese chest

 cheek creek creeks dice slice sliced twice


Type these phrases using the right little finger for the semi-colon

 type slowly with correct fingers; check the colours in the finger columns;

 notice which finger should type the letter key you need;

 when you come to tricky words type them more times;

To type Capital letters you will need to use the Shift keys, above the Ctrl keys on each side of the letter key block. Left of Z and Right of ?

The Shift keys are used also for Upper Characters like @ $ % * <

For a Left Hand capital hold the RIGHT Shift key - type the letter, then lift the Shift key. For a Right Hand capital hold the LEFT Shift key.


Try these sentences

 The full stop is on the bottom row; use the ring finger.

 The comma is to the left of the full stop; use your longest finger.

 To start a new line, press the Enter key once.

 Hold the Right Shift key for these left hand capitals.

 Try to keep your fingers curved.

 Do not let your wrists rest on the desk. That wastes energy.

 The trees were very, very wet. We will get wet when we go outside.

 Do not type for too long without stretching your shoulders, neck, wrists, fingers.


Hold the Left Shift key for these right hand capitals

 Keep your legs uncrossed. Keep your feet on the floor.

 It helps if you remember which finger types which key.

 Look before you cross the street or you might get knocked down.

 Jimmy took Henry to town to buy something. He bought four good story books.


You have completed Lesson 4.

Repeat to get better.


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