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Beginner Typing - Lesson 3


"I used to use about four fingers to type, using your helpful site I can now use all my fingers! The speed needs work, :) OK maybe lots of work, but am getting there.Trust me. Thanks for keeping it honest, simple, but more so for making it free."

If you are new to typing CLICK HERE and watch the video for Beginner Lesson 1.

If you have completed Beginner Lessons 1 & 2 then carry on with Beginner Lesson 3 below :)

Bottom row keys for the index fingers - stretch down, visualise the keys. 



Left Hand - v & b (same finger) Right Hand - n & m (same finger)

 fvf frfvf fbf frfbf rev vet fvf frfvf fbf frfbf rev vet

 five fiver fib fibber very every five fiver fib fibber very everydownload eBook to learn what these arrows are for

 jmj jujmj jnj jujnj jmj jujmj jnj jujnj

 jim him tim rim hem them jim him tim rim hem themdownload eBook to learn what these arrows are for

 jnj jujnj tin fin din dint tint jnj jujnj tin fin din dint tint

 ten tent often den dent over oven ten tent often den dent over oven

 men mend mended mine mind moment remember mend mended mine minddownload eBook to learn what these arrows are for


Right Hand top row vowels:

 ou ough rough tough trough enough ou ough rough tough trough enoughdownload eBook to learn what these arrows are for

 though thought through thorough though thought through thorough

 house houses mouse mound mounds house houses mouse mound moundsdownload eBook to learn what these arrows are for

 round rounds sound resounded round rounds sound resounded

 ion lion mention vision visions ion lion mention vision visions

 iou ious conscious envious mission missions iou ious conscious envious missions


Some phrases to type     - use the right little finger for the semi-colon beside L

 john mentioned the lions and tigers; they looked very tough;

 the little mouse went round the house which stood on a high mound;

 i remember the mission which is built on the high ground beyond the valley;

 i rested in my house before playing two rounds of golf;


You have completed Lesson 3.

Repeat to get better.


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