Beginner Typing Lesson 3

Introducing Letters:
V  B  N  M 
I used to use about four fingers to type, using your helpful site I can now use all my fingers! The speed needs work, :) OK maybe lots of work, but am getting there.Trust me.

Thanks for keeping it honest, simple, but more so for making it free.
You are now advancing to bottom row letters.  These will be a bit more challneging but they are yours for the taking.  Just keep up the practice and before you know it, they will all be under your command.

Just for fun, type some of the words you find into the box below.

Here's a few to get you started: home, newest, mother. love, verify, west, justly, oven, bike 
Exercises - 1
Use your LEFT HAND INDEX FINGER (No. 1) for V and B

Use your RIGHT HAND INDEX FINGER No. 1) for N and M
Exercises - 2
Focus on TOP ROW VOWELS with V, BN and M
Just keep taking one step
after the other
and before you know it
you will have a view
that will make
​everything worth it!
Try These Fun Phrases
You have completed Lesson 3

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