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Quotes I used to use about four fingers to type, using your helpful site I can now use all my fingers! The speed needs work, :) OK maybe lots of work, but am getting there.Trust me. Thanks for keeping it honest, simple, but more so for making it free. Quotes

Quotes I am a beginner. I don't really keep my fingers on the home keys but I do type with all fingers. I tried a whole bunch of different websites and games but none of them worked. I am going into 5th grade. I was really worried that I was going to fail because I couldn't type properly. But now after two hours I can type properly. I still have to work on the speed but that will be easy because I know how to type and that is all thanks to this program. Quotes
beginning typer
this is great

Quotes I am 84 years of age and decided I would like to learn to use my key board ,and do it as I have watched others.It has been 3 weeks now and I am now well on the way as the course is so easy to follow.From me many thanks. Quotes
kenneth dallachy

Quotes I thank this website so much, it gave me alot of effort at school. Every teacher is surprized that I can type quickley in one week and I never knew it would be possible. Many Thanks a million times! -Smilies- Quotes
Rita Takla
Star Student

Quotes I am typing this testimony without looking at the key board. I learned it within 3 days. Quotes
Ademola Adekunle

Quotes I'm so thankful for this website it help me come a long way thank you Quotes
A mom of four
so thankful

Quotes I didn't think I could learn through a webpage but, I am typing faster and finally using all my fingers. I am surprised at how quickly I learned this new skill. Thank you! Quotes
Christine Hines
Happy customer

Quotes I started taking a keyboarding class this week. At first i was typing at 20/minute now im up to 45/minute. This site is an excellent typing resource! I'd reccomend this to everyone. Quotes
Travis Pass
Virginia College Student

Quotes I find this is like a real good teacher for typing. Before getting this my typing speed is only 8/min but now its speed increases to 20 word /min. Thank you Quotes
Tika NIroula

Quotes I one day see this soft were in net, then i down load and start typing, in one month i semi skiled typist. thanks alot for give this opertunity. Quotes
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