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Quotes This is very good and helpful even though I am a computer professional and using computers for a living and I am using this site now to learn faster typing... I found this site very professional to the point without any gimmicks..Thank you for your wonderful service.. May God bless you !!!!!!!!! Quotes
computer professional

Quotes Hi, I am a new Business Apps teacher (middle school) and I actually teach typing to my 6th graders. I got a new student today so I did a google search and found your site right away. I started her out at your site and I have to sing your praises. It is awesome and the new student will be able to catch up with the class in no time. I'm surprised that there is no way to donate money to keep this free site going. This site will be critical to the success of my students. Thank you! Quotes

Quotes Actually I was very interested to learn typing in proper way,but I didn't have time until my youngest daughter informed me about your site,really it was a great gift and now I can type properly and reasonably without looking to the key board, I am blessed and very lucky!!!thank you Quotes
walid j.

Quotes wow wonderful course... Really there are no words to express my happiness.I have improved a lot after doing the beginner lessons.But I cant type my happiness. Thanks Quotes
anupama tej
fascinated student

Quotes I have an average typing speed, but i used to type looking at the keyboard. But ever since i have been following your tutorials, i have improved a lot. And my typing speed too, has increased! Thank you so much for your guidelines! Quotes
Thankful Student!!!

Quotes THIS IS A GREAT PROGRAM!!!!! Im typing faster and better. I always told my parents I type in a weird way, but when they put me on this program I type even faster! So a big thanks to this program its really teaches u how to type. :) Quotes

Quotes Your typing course is also ideal as a 'refresher' course. I had not typed seriously for twenty years, but with your course I was back to sixty words per minute within a week! Thank you very much. Quotes
Returning Typist

Quotes Think of a word and your fingers get it typed!! That is what practicing with this tutor helped me achieve. Once you train your brain consciously, with practice, typing comes naturally! Never felt I could type so well. Just shows how powerful our subconscious is ! I'm studying software programming and my program typing speed has increased immensely! Thanks a ton for this amazing tutor! People like you are an inspiration :) Quotes
A thankful student!

Quotes Electronic medical records require a lot of typing, a skill many physicians really never had to learn. This program has increased my productivity so that I can complete my charts and get home to spend time with my family! In fact, I find myself now typing much of the chart instead of using the templates the companies provide! I highly reccomend this program to any and everyone! Quotes
Family Physician

Quotes I have been practicing for a few months now, and I am amazed from having no typing skills to not being able to stop..... I also enjoyed the new Advanced lesson 7.... please keep on adding lessons. Thank You Quotes
totally satisfied
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