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Advanced Typing Skills - 1

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"I'm a teacher/trainer, & one of the things I'm praised for is my knowledge on how best to teach/train people new skills. With my experience, I immediately recognized that each of the lessons focuses on building new skills not only through repetition, but through logical progressions. It's no wonder I have quickly regained my 65 wpm speed!"

Common letter combinations.

You can type each line without correcting errors then check for weaknesses or correct your errors as you type using the Backspace key. To repeat a line hold Backspace to delete from the end of the line to the start then retype

If you have copied this to use on your computer, please note this: your computer may be set to automaticaly use a Capital to start each new line but ignore that. 

Choose one or two sentences each day to work on to improve your skills.


 th the there these them their this is that is these are they are

 ou you your yours out ou ough rough trough through though cough enoughdownload eBook to learn what these arrows are for

 ou ought thought bought brought ou ought thought bought brought

 ou ould would should could ou ould would should coulddownload eBook to learn what these arrows are for

 au augh laugh laughter laughed laughs au aught taught caught taught caught

 sh she shell shelter shall sheep sh she shell shelter shall sheepdownload eBook to learn what these arrows are for

 oi oil toil spoil spoiled coil uncoil

 pop poll polls pole poles pip pill pile piles pillow up pup put pull pulled

 pal Paul Paula Pauline pup puppy pop poppy poll Polly

 mill Milton Mall Malt mat mate Matthew Martha Mary Miriam

 ing sing ding wing ring king single tingle jingle mingle hinge singe fringe lingerdownload eBook to learn what these arrows are for

 ong song dong Wong wrong tong strong King Kong long along pong bong belong

 ng ng anger sang danger fang rang tang gang hang hank yank klang pang bang

 ang anger sang fang rang gang tang hang bang bangle dangle tangle jangle wrangledownload eBook to learn what these arrows are for

 angle bang bangle mangle manger dangle tangle wangle tangled strangled

 wh wh when where whet whether why which who whom whose what whether

 ay say day Fay gay hay Jay Kay lay pay ray tray way away ray tray astray strayed

 et et set fetch get regret bet better net netting met let letter kettle jet pet yet wetter

 ion Zion ration nation opinion mention attention sion mansion pension revision


Make up your own words with these common patterns

 st ee ea ment able ar er ie at ot we

 dis pre com con age es est ed to ly ness

 Enter the words you make into the first box and copy them to the second.


You have completed Lesson 1.

Repeat to get better.


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