Advanced Typing Lesson 7

Typing Numbers

Nail these and  become a typing master
This is really useful course compared to other courses which are based upon software. I am lucky that I got link to this website. Now, I am able to type using all my fingers and I do not have to look at the keyboard any more. Thanks for putting up efforts in creating this course.
Exercise  I
Do not rush this lesson.  You may need to work on it for several days or a couple of weeks.  It will be well worth it because when you master numbers as well as special characters, punctuation and capitalisation, you will be well on your way to becoming a typing master.  From this point onwards it will simply be a matter of fine tuning and improving your speed and accuracy as a touch typing master.
Left Hand
Exercise  II
Right Hand
Exercise  III
Left Hand
Right Hand
Exercise  IV
Left Hand - More Difficult
Exercise  V
Right Hand - More Difficult
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