Advanced Typing Lesson 4

Extension Exercises

Right Hand Emphasis -  Left Shift Key
Plus, colon, comma, full stop, exclamation mark!
I have been practicing for a few months now, and I am amazed from having no typing skills to not being able to stop..... I also enjoyed the new Advanced lesson 7
.... please keep on adding lessons. Thank You. - totally satisfied.
Exercises I
Choose one or two sentences each day to work on to improve your skills. ​​
You can correct your errors using the "backspace" key.

In this section and the next, EVERY WORD in each sentence [with few exceptions] starts with the same letter.

Exercises II
Punctuation and Left Hand Shift Key. Colon " : " 
Exercises III
Comma and both shift keys.
Exercises IV
Full Stop.  Exclaimation Mark!
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