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Keyboard Shortcuts 2




At the top of this document you will see a small blinking line.  

This is the "active" cursor.  

Now use the arrow keys to move the cursor along the text.  

The tips on this page will show you other ways to move the cursor.   



cursor moves to start of line


cursor moves to end of line


text highlights from that point to start of line. Press Delete to delete. Ctrl-Z to undo delete.


text highlights from that point to end of line. Press Delete to delet. Ctrl-Z to undo delete.


cursor moves to start of document


cursor moves to end of document


text highlights from that point to start of document


text highlights from that point to end of document

Ctrl+(Right or Left arrow key)

cursor skips words (right or left)

Shift+Ctrl+(Right or Left  arrow key)

Highlights next word (right or left)


deletes word on left


deletes word on right


To scroll down or up through lines or paragraphs of text to highlight the text, you can hold down the Shift key and use the up or down Arrow. But be careful, this sometimes runs away too far. If this happens just click an Arrow key to remove the highlighting and try again more slowly and carefully.

Use TAB Key to skip across the screen to preset points. This is really like a shortcut

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